Free upright piano
Classic Singer upright piano. Action works well, no sticky keys, no broken strings. Could use tuning if your ears are sensitive. Could use some do-it-yourself refinishing of the wood. More
Posted October 15, 2019
Huge New England Copper Kettle
4.5' across, 3.5' tall. Goes back to colonial times when it was first used to boil lye to make soap. Gorgeous and authentic original veneer. Ready for your hearth's firewood! Appraised at $4K by Antiques Roadshow. More
Posted October 13, 2019
Santa pictures
2 11X13 1 14X18 gold frame from Michaels More
Posted October 11, 2019
Scribner music books
9 9x12 leather bound w/stand More
Posted October 11, 2019
craft ideas
60 yrs printed in file More
Posted October 11, 2019